Van's Greatest Hits


Food Waste in Canada is a massive issue, and not everyone has the ability to compost. We Want Your Waste is a program that could entice more Torontonians to start collecting their compostable food scraps. 


Sociable's constantly rotating line of craft beers aligns with the indecisive nature of today's online audiences, so we found the places online people are most indecisive and targeted them directly. 


The Faroe Islands is a small island nation that is quite literally far away from everything - the ultimate destination for those looking to get away from the stresses of modern living. This campaign highlights modern annoyances and the distance you can get away from them by visiting the Faroe Islands. 

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NAC Spring 2021 Student Submission - In collaboration with Franklin Newman
Simons wants to increase brand awareness outside of Québec and demonstrate their values of environmentalism and fashionable styles. Our solution? Hijack the NFT trend in a subversive way and bring about positive change by using what Simons does best - making fashionable clothing. 

Turner Classic Movies can bring the Cinema experience anywhere, and this series of ads seeks to highlight this transformative quality in an incredibly literal way.