Van Thompson:
Copywriting With Character

The mind of a writer, the training of an advertiser, and the enthusiasm of a Golden Retriever, I'm like Frankenstein's Creature and I'm looking for a Junior Copywriting Internship. 

Here you'll find some of my work, a little more about me, and where you can send any questions, comments, or concerns. What you won't find here is my dance class videos, tomorrow's powerball numbers, or my true name which, when uttered, will bind me to your will. If you find any of that, clearly something's gone wrong and you should let me know. 


 I invite you to explore to your heart's content, and if you'd like, let me know what you think! Go click some pictures below, or take a gander up at that 'My Work' tab to see some stuff. 


What Can I Do?


Long and Short Copy, Headlines and Taglines, Digital and Traditional, Billboards, Social Media, Radio... you get the idea. I've tried just about all of it, and I pride myself in being able to take whatever you throw at me and make something that works.


I'm a team player, able to bring a group together and unify an idea that's greater than the sum of its parts. I want to help my teammates have the best possible version of their idea they can.

Digital Literacy

I know my way around a computer: Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, any Social Media you can name, I adapt to the technology of my time well and can pick up new skills like a breeze.